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Silver Violet Flame Meditation

I AM a being of Silver Violet Fire

I Am the purity that God desires Beloved I Am presence Bright Round me seal your tube of Light From ascended Master's Flame Called Froth now in God's on name Let it keep my Temple Free From All Discord sent to me I call froth the Silver Violet Flame To Blaze & transmute all desire Keeping on in Freedom's name Till I am One with the Silver Violet Flame I Am the Silver Violet Flame in acting in me now I Am the Silver Violet Flame To Light Alone I Bow I Am the Silver Violet Flame In Mighty Cosmic Power I Am God's Bright Light Shining every Hour I Am the Silver Violet Flame Blazing Like the Sun I Am God's Great Power Freeing Everyone! ************************************************ Use this meditation to protect you and attune you to the higher vibrations of the Divine Spirit.Repeat it three times in the morning and again three times in the evening.Can be used in moments of crisis to protect . In moments of crisis use this meditation standing in the crucifix position with hands palm up and head tilted slightly upwards.This will magnify the results of the meditation.Regular use of this meditation will increase your spiritual energy .Always use before any psychic work .The better you are able to imagine each aspect of it the stronger the result.Be safe and grow in Spirit. Namaste Deborah Anna

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