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Today Daily Energy Tarot Forecast

The Justice card shows you where something in your life may be out of balance. Keep an eye out today for anything that seems unfair to you and act accordingly. You are aiming for harmony today so any interactions need to be handled with logic and intellect as opposed to emotional outbursts.

For Love: When dealing with your love life do not get too caught up in who is right and who is wrong. If you do, any discussions you are having could quickly turn into an argument. State your case, listen to the other person, and find mutual ground to go forward.

For Work: You may have more on your plate today than you care to deal with. You need to prioritise any tasks which come to hand and, if possible, distribute part of your heavy workload to someone else if you cannot manage on your own. The Justice card can help with this organization as it is all about balance and fairness.


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